Tyler1 is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. He has over 10 million followers and plays Fortnite, League of Legends, and Hearthstone. His headset is a top-selling item on Amazon.

The logitech g430 is a headset that Tyler1 has been using for a while. It has an impressive sound quality and it’s affordable.

What-Headset-Does-Tyler1-Use-New-Headset-2021Riot Games’ League of Legends is a well-known online game. Tyler1 is one of the most well-known broadcasters of this game on the twitch.tv network. Despite the fact that he has had both good and terrible times in his streaming career, he has had quite a trip.

Today’s goal is to find out what headset Tyler1 uses and other little-known details about this League of Legends streamer. Let’s get this party started-

Tyler1 is a fictional character.

Tyler1, also known as Tyler Steinkamp, is an American streamer most known for his League of Legends streaming. He is one of the most prominent twitch.tv streamers in terms of amount of followers. He now has over two million twitch followers, with over 113 million total views.

loltyler1 began broadcasting in 2016 on twitch.tv. However, as he was being accused of being disruptive to the other players, a few unexpected events occurred. As a result, he was banned from the game League of Legends. As a result of this incident, he was dubbed “America’s Most Toxic Player.”

However, he was formally lifted from the game’s ban in late 2017, and he returned to the game. Later, in terms of internet visitor counts, he had a record amount of views. This record was eventually taken over by Dr. Disrespect after a few months.

Tyler chose to organize the Tyler 1 Championship Series, a League of Legends tournament, in November of 2017.


Tyler1’s Headset of Choice: Tyler1’s Headset of Choice


Surround yourself with superior sound with the Logitech G430 7.1. Tyler1 And after examining all of its features and specifications, we discovered some solid evidence to back up the allegation. Tyler1 wears this headset nearly all of the time he requires one. In the parts that follow, we’ll go through the specifications in more detail-

The first and most important characteristic of this headset is the surround sound audio it provides. It employs both Dolby 7.1 and DTS Headphone:X modes. For any audiophile, both of these modes will provide a full and lifelong experience.

With this headset, controlling the volume or mute/unmute settings is no longer a problem. The volume, as well as mute and unmute settings, are controlled through an on-cable control panel. The control panel is also within easy reach of you. As a result, you won’t have to look for it when you need it.

The earcups are state-of-the-art in terms of design. The earcups are rotating, and each cup may be adjusted to a different position. A pivot is used to achieve such a customized fit. If you wish to lay it flat, just rotate it to a 90-degree angle.

Another obvious advantage of such a spinning design is how simple it is to carry. It also gets very comfy when you put them on your shoulder.

Tyler1’s other gears are as follows:

  1. Tyler1 uses a Logitech B100 Corded Mouse – Wired USB Mouse as his mouse.

  2. Tyler1 utilizes the BenQ ZOWIE XL2430 24 inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor as his monitor.

  3. Tyler1 utilizes the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Gaming Keyboard as his keyboard.

  4. Tyler1 utilizes the Reformed Mousemat XL Beatifully Crafted Mousepad as his mouse pad.


Next, we put the ear pads on to obtain additional details of the design. If you examine the material of these ear pads closely, you’ll see that they’re made of sports-grade cloth/fabric. One of the best features of this fabric is that it provides excellent comfort even after several hours of use. If the fabric cover becomes filthy, just remove it, wash it, and replace it.

Overall, the design is very light. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the headphone’s hefty weight while you’re gaming. The earcups have a modest profile as well. As a result, it will not seem bulky or big in size. Instead of focusing on the headset, you may concentrate on the music or game.



This headset also has a noise-canceling microphone, which is very necessary for any kind of online gaming. This headset is notable for its noise cancellation, in addition to its excellent sound recording quality. So there won’t be any background noise or other humming sounds when you’re recording.

There are also some paddings on the head area to provide you with a comfortable experience. There will be no hard parts of the headset that you will be able to touch when you take it off. You may even forget that you have a headset. Yes, it is very relaxing.

Features that have been highlighted

  • Dolby 7.1 and DTS Headphone:X are available in dual modes.
  • A 360-degree sound field will surround you with sound.
  • Design that is both comfortable and light.
  • Foldable with a 90-degree rotation capacity and a flat surface.
  • Noise-canceling microphone with a practical design.
  • The impedance of this device is 32 Ohms.
  • Volume control and mute button are located on the cord.
  • The frequency response rate is 20-20kHz.
  • The cable is 10.5 feet long.
  • Extremely light and comfortable.

Tyler’s Other Interesting Facts1

  • Tyler1 created his own League of Legends tournament dubbed the Tyler1 Championship Series, which is a spoof of the actual League of Legends tournament.
  • On twitch, his TCS (Tyler1 Championship Series) had 200000 views. Professional League of Legends players and LCS casters also watched it.
  • Tyler was born on the 7th of March, 1995. So, by 2019, he will only be 24 years old.
  • Tyler attended Central Methodist University and majored in computer science. Tyler, on the other hand, concentrated on his streaming career in the midst of his studies.
  • Rubber has just one sibling, Eric Robbins, who is his younger brother.
  • We saw a surge in popularity followed by a ban from Riot Games, the League of Legends developer studio.
  • Tyler broke the record for the most watched twitch.tv broadcast for the game of LoL after getting unbanned in 2018. The number of views he received set a new record at 382000.

In conclusion

Hopefully, you’ve learned enough about Tyler1’s go-to headset, the Logitech G430 7.1 DTS Headphone. If his talent and games inspire you, you may want to try this headset.


Tyler1 is a professional gamer. He has been using the tyler one headset for over 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which headset does Tyler1 use?

Tyler1 uses the Razer Kraken Pro V2.

What does Tyler1 use?

Tyler1 uses a Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse, an Asus ROG Strix Z370-E motherboard, and a Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB DDR4 memory kit.

Why is Tyler1 MIC bad?

Tyler1 MIC is bad because its a toxic player that is known for being toxic and has been banned from multiple games.

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