Microsoft announced a major update for Skype, which will add features such as group video calling and text chat. The update is expected to be released in the coming months.

Microsoft announced a major update for Skype at the Build developer conference. The new update will bring features such as group video calls, file sharing, and more. Read more in detail here: windows 11.

Microsoft launched Teams in 2017, a brand-new corporate messaging service to compete with Slack and other comparable apps. Since then, the firm has kept a low profile when it comes to Skype and its future, particularly after experimenting with dramatic redesigns and feature enhancements. However, the Skype team released a new blog post today detailing their ambitions for a quicker, more dependable, and ultra-modern Skype.

It’s easy to see why some people believed Skype was going down: Microsoft’s Teams was a huge hit, and the firm even included a consumer-oriented version of the service right into the taskbar in Windows 11. Despite this, it seems that Microsoft has no plans to shut down Skype anytime soon. On the contrary, the business has recently released a big update that includes new features, better user interfaces, and improved speed.

Microsoft posted an update announcement on the official Skype website, giving users additional information about the forthcoming upgrade. The new version, according to Microsoft, is quicker, more dependable, and “very modern-looking.” Most significantly, customer input influenced a large portion of the improvements, thus Skype users will like the new version (unlike those updates back in 2017).

Skype New Video Stage

The call stage is one of the new Skype’s UI improvements. Microsoft changed the appearance of the user interface to make it more contemporary and professional. Skype will also organize video streams into a “more natural grid” to keep everyone in sync and focused. When someone shares their screen, users with deactivated cameras will show on the call stage with configurable backdrops (you may disable video and conceal non-video participants), and previews will be bigger.

Skype New Toolbar

Redesigned chat headers with a better layout, new fluent icons throughout the UI, updated themes, colorful avatars (for those without a profile photo), and more are among the aesthetic improvements. In addition, the stage will now reflect the OS’s current theme.

Skype Fluent Icons

In terms of new features, Skype is receiving a new TwinCam function. It enables you to take a smartphone and utilize its camera to display an extra video stream with documents, dogs, new toys, or whatever else you’d want to show your pals during a conversation. To combine video from a smartphone with your main video from a camera in the conversation, just scan a QR-code.

Skype Grid Options

Microsoft will allow you choose your own notification sounds and use any emoji as a messaging response.

The software behemoth also concentrated its attention on video call quality on Skype. According to the firm, critical situations in Skype are now 30 percent quicker on desktops and nearly 2000 percent faster on Android.

You may connect with anybody in any language using a global PSTN translator, which can be used for video conversations as well as calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Skype Translator2 1


Finally, better browser compatibility is one of the most significant improvements Skype customers will notice. Skype will function and offer a fantastic experience across all major browsers on contemporary platforms, according to Microsoft.

The new Skype has not yet been released. Insiders will be the first to get updates with new features before the broader public.


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