Microsoft has finally brought back its own mute and unmute microphone feature, which it had previously removed in Windows 10. The company says the new features were only meant to be temporary while they figured out how people wanted them to work. Experts say this was a smart move for Microsoft as there are many other apps that have yet introduce these settings.

Microsoft has released a new feature to Windows 11, which allows users to mute and unmute their microphone. The feature is available in the clubhouse app.

Windows 11 gets the new mute and unmute microphone feature


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  • The latest preview version allows users to mute and unmute the microphone from the taskbar.
  • The capability is currently only available on Microsoft Teams, but third-party apps will be added later.
  • Microsoft is working on adding drag-and-drop capability to the taskbar.


Microsoft just issued a preview update for Windows 11. It has a new taskbar function that lets users mute and unmute the microphone.

Additionally, they’ve released an experimental functionality that enables you to exchange information from other programs with Teams on Windows 11 while the meeting is still in progress. 

The latest version also includes a new keyboard feature that allows users to mute and unmute the device’s microphone.

The new functionality is being fine-tuned.

At the moment, hitting the Win + Alt + K buttons at the same time only works in Microsoft Teams. The same feature may be activated simply clicking on the microphone icon in the program. 

Previously, users of Windows 11 had to manually click on the microphone icon on the display to mute or unmute the microphone. 

The mic symbol sits adjacent to the WI-Fi, volume, and battery icons, enabling you to toggle it on or off with a single click. Because WhatsApp has access to the microphone, you can now monitor the status of your audio calls. 

Updated keyboard shortcuts

Furthermore, Microsoft went above and above by adding a new keyboard shortcut to the taskbar’s mute toggle. The new shortcut may be accessed by hitting the Windows + Alt + K keys at the same time.

However, the functionality is only available in apps that include a mute button. As a result, the functionality currently only supports Microsoft Teams. Third-party programs will be able to use Windows 11’s new taskbar mute feature, according to Microsoft. 

Improvements and new features

Microsoft has also said that they are working on a feature that would enable Windows 11 users to share material straight from the taskbar in Microsoft Teams sessions. 

Eventually, you won’t have to manually move between windows in the midst of a meeting to find material you need to present with your team. 

Furthermore, Microsoft is now doing internal testing in order to introduce and create taskbar drag-and-drop capability. Users can only anticipate this capability to be revealed in the forthcoming major Windows upgrades.

Are you looking forward to seeing this new feature in Windows 11? Let us know what you think in the comments area. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mute and unmute my microphone on my keyboard?

A: You can mute your microphone with the function keys, you will need to press the Function key and then Mute/Unmute audio.

How do I unmute my Microsoft microphone?

A: You can mute your microphone by pressing the Xbox button on the controller, selecting Mute Microphone.

How do I mute and unmute my mic on my team?

A: In order to mute your mic, press the M key. To unmute it, press the u key.

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