Fortnite is a video game that has been sweeping the world, and it has quickly become one of the most popular games in history. It’s also an incredibly popular meme, spawning countless jokes and memes on social media.

Gamer groups are known for creating unofficial rules or regulations in-game that are followed by the majority of seasoned players. Newcomers frequently find these rules perplexing, even if they have been hooked on a specific game for a long time and may have came up with some of them on their own.

In this post, we’ll go over some Fortnite regulations so that the next time you’re in-game and someone mentions a rule, you’ll know what’s going on.

Adult material linked to the game is spreading online, according to Rule 34. So don’t be shocked if you come upon anything unexpected. This is a frequent rule in many other games as well.

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Some of the most popular Fortnite community rules are listed here.

Rule 12

Anything a player says in-game may (and most likely will) be used against them, according to Rule 12. So, before you fire off that sassy remark in the in-game chat, give it some thought.

Rule 13

Rule 13 is an expansion of rule 12, saying that whatever a player says in-game may be changed. Don’t @ us if you say anything incorrect; you’ll be a meme before you know it. 

Rule 23

Any vote in a party must be a majority vote, according to Rule 23. This covers everything like which player to kick, what game style to play, where to drop, and so on.

Rule 24

Any player has the authority to interfere, according to another extension regulation. So don’t be irritated if someone else jumps into a gunfight with plenty of ammunition and full health; it’s only a game.

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Rule 30

This one is a little sexist, and it’s simple to disprove. Females are not allowed to play Fortnite, according to Rule 30. Anyone who believes this regulation is valid should take a look at Twitch. 

Rule 31

To compete in competitive events, a player must be 13 years old or older, according to Rule 31.

Rule 32

Rule 32 says that any player who brags about their in-game accomplishments must provide video or pictures to back up their claims. This is a widely used rule in several games. 

Rule 33

Players should keep needless remarks to themselves, according to rule 33. Anything that goes wrong has the potential to harm someone or, worse, backfire.

Rule 35

Rule 35 is a subset of rule 34. It says that if rule 34 doesn’t apply to anything in-game right now, it will shortly. 


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Rule 37

Rule 37 says that no matter how terrible a scenario seems to be in-game, someone else has it worse. Have you ever lost a firefight because you were reloading or lagging? Someone out there can’t even go over 12 frames per second, so stay cool and play.

Rule 63

There are gender-swapped copies of every game character on the internet, according to Rule 63.

Rule 64

In an alternative world, Rule 64 says that there are other versions of Fortnite. True, the multiverse plays an important role in the Fortnite narrative.

Rule 69

The rule requires games to reply “n”ce” whenever the number appears in the game. If you’re in the know, you’re in the know. 

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