WebP is a new image format that’s designed to reduce file size and make the images look better on modern browsers. This article explains how to open a WebP file, convert it into PNG or JPEG, and use it in your website.

The “webp to jpg” is a file format that is used for web images. The file extension for this type of image is “.webp”. To open the file, you need to use a program such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

WebP is a new picture format developed by Google for usage in online graphics that combines the advantages of jpg and png files. In 2009, it was originally announced as a new picture format. Google plans to minimize byte sizes (by shrinking picture sizes) in order to make web sites load quicker than previously.

WebP is a file format that combines characteristics from both jpg and png and is intended to replace them on websites. WebP picture files are substantially smaller and seem to have no quality degradation, as it supports both lossless and lossy compression.

Webp image files are typically 26 percent smaller than PNG files and 25-34 percent smaller than equivalent JPEG images, according to Google. Lossy webP also allows transparency, making it 3x smaller than a comparable png file. WebP, on the other hand, offers transparency while only adding 22 percent to the file size.

WebP support is available in most recent browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera Mini, according to caniuse.com.

What is the best way to open a WebP file?

The WebP format is supported by most current image viewers and web browsers, and below are some programs that can read WebP files –


The file format is supported by Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Firefox. Adobe Photoshop also has a webP plugin, as well as Picasa by Google, a long-defunct but still functional picture viewer.


The file format is supported by common web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera Mini on macOS. The now-defunct Google Picasa picture viewer still works, and Pixea, a popular image viewer for macOS, supports the webP file format well. The webP plugin is also compatible with Adobe Photoshop.


The main web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Mini all support the webp codec in Linux versions. WebP files function nicely with XnViewMP, a popular picture organizer and viewer.

Users on Android may utilize Google Photos or OneDrive Photos, which both feature viewers that handle webP files.

Is it possible for Windows to open WebP files?

Yes, as previously stated, Windows can open WebP files, and some of the tools that support WebP picture files include

How can I save a WebP image as a JPEG?

If you’re using Windows, first download the file, then open it in MS Paint and save it as a jpg picture file using the save as feature.

You may use an online jpg converter like CloudConvert for different OS systems.

Is it possible for WebP files to contain viruses?

WebP files typically just contain compressed pictures in the jpg and png file formats and nothing more, however the WebP codec may include an exploit or flaw that enables hackers to target your computer.

It’s advisable to check the WebP file with an antivirus if it originated from an unknown source.

Is it possible to open a WebP file with MS Paint?

Yes, you can use MS Paint to open a WebP file. You may also use Paint to convert WebP files to jpg/jpeg, png, or another image format by using the save as feature.

How can I get a WebP file?

You may download a webP file in the same way you would any other file or picture; just right-click the image and save it.

Is it possible to open WebP files in Photoshop?

Yes, with the assistance of a plugin called WebPShop, Adobe Photoshop can open webP files. It’s open-source and available for download on Github.


What is a WEBP file & how to open it?

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What exactly is a WEBP file and how do I open one?


WebP is a Google-created picture file format that delivers substantially lower files while keeping the same quality as jpeg and png files.


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The “cwebp” is a WebP file, which is a lossy image format. The cwebp stands for “convert to WebP”. It can be used to convert images into the WEBP format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert a WebP file to JPG?

A: You can use an online conversion tool such as this one to convert a WebP file into JPG. https://convert-webp-to-jpg.com/

How do I open a WebP file?

A: If you dont know what a WebP file is, its just an image format that has been created by Google. The easiest way to open one without any software or knowledge of how to do so would be on your computer camera(on the right-hand side) where it will automatically detect this type of files and allow for their opening.

Is WebP the same as JPEG?

A: WebP is a file format similar to JPEG, which can be used in web pages. They are not the same however; there are differences between these two files.

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