This is how to reset your Apple Watch.

The how to unpair apple watch is a process that can be done on the Apple Watch. It will erase all of the data and reset it back to factory settings.

Apple Watches are the most advanced smartwatches available. If you want to sell your Apple Watch, you’ll need to reset it correctly. Resetting the Apple Watch will erase all of the device’s data and information. You just need to follow a few easy steps to reset your Apple Watch. Resetting the Apple Watch is useful in a variety of circumstances, such as when the device is not performing as anticipated or when there are small problems.

What is the procedure for resetting an Apple Watch?

There are three methods to reset your Apple Watch.

  • iPhone use
  • Without the iPhone, reset
  • Without a Passcode, Reset

All three ways work with all Apple Watch models and watchOS versions.

How to Reset an Apple Watch Using an iPhone

This is the most straightforward and straightforward method of resetting the Apple Watch. Only the unpairing procedure is involved.

(1) Double-check that your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired and near to each other.

Reset Apple Watch

(2) On your iPhone, open the My Watch app.

My Watch app

(3) On the top of the screen, tap the Apple Watch option.

Reset Apple Watch

(4) Tap the Info button on the following screen.

Info button

(5) Finally, choose the Unpair Apple Watch option.

Reset Apple Watch

(6) If you have a GPS + Cellular model, you will be asked if you want to retain the cellular plan or not. Select your preferred option.

(7) Finally, press the Unpair button.

Reset Apple Watch

(8) Your Apple ID password will be requested. Enter it and, in the top right of the screen, click the Unpair button.

Unpair button

(9) Your iPhone will now make a backup of your Apple Watch data, and the unpairing process will begin.

Reset Apple Watch

(10) When it’s finished, your iPhone will display the Start Pairing screen.

How to Use Your Apple Watch in a Variety of Ways

Apple Watch Reset Without iPhone

If you don’t have access to your iPhone, you may reset your watch without it.

(1) Select the Settings option on your Apple Watch.

Settings icon

(2) Select General from the Settings menu.

General button

(3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the Reset button.

Reset Apple Watch

(4) On the next screen, choose Erase All Content and Settings.

Reset Apple Watch

(5) It will ask for your passcode for verification reasons. Put your passcode in here.

Enter passcode

(6) Select the GPS + Cellular option that best suits your needs.

(7) Finally, click the Erase All option to complete the process.

Reset Apple Watch

(8) The watch will be unpaired from your iPhone and reset to factory settings.

Reset Apple Watch

This technique does not generate a backup. You must manually backup your data.

Without a passcode, you may reset your Apple Watch.

This technique may be used if you forget your passcode. There will be no backup using this technique.

(1) Plug in your Apple Watch and charge it.

Reset Apple Watch

(2) Press and hold the Side button on your Apple Watch.

(3) The fast menu should now display. For 4-5 seconds, tap and hold the Power off slider.

Power off slider

(4) Next, choose Erase all data and settings from the menu.

Reset Apple Watch

(5) Without the passcode, this will return your watch to its factory settings.

How to Delete Apps from an Apple Watch

To reset your Watch, you may do it in one of three methods. To prevent losing critical data on your Apple Watch when you’re ready to reset it, make a manual backup of all the data. Only reset the watch if it’s really essential; don’t do it if it’s not.

If you have been trying to unpair your Apple Watch and keep getting the error can’t unpair apple watch, then you might need to erase all data from your device. This will not affect any of the information stored on your iPhone, but it will reset the watch so that it can be paired again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does unpairing Apple Watch erase all data?

Yes, unpairing the Apple Watch will erase all data on it.

How do I factory reset my Apple Watch completely?

To factory reset your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

How do I factory reset my Apple Watch that is not paired?

You can factory reset your Apple Watch by holding down the side button and the digital crown at the same time for a few seconds, then releasing them.

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