Desk lamps can serve as a great decorative element in any room of the house or office. They have practical uses such as lighting up dark areas, increasing visibility during daytime hours and providing light for reading at night.

The “nautical lamps” are a type of lamp that can be used in any corner of the office or home. They have a glossy, metallic finish and come in a variety of colors.

Best 6 Nautical Desk Lamps For Any Corner Of Office & Home

Are you searching for desk lights with a nautical motif for your office?

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We offer a variety of sea-themed lights for you to pick from. Choose a lamp depending on your tastes, desires, and the present style of your home. Various versions may be found here that will bring a new style to any home office, living area, or children’s room.

6 of the Best Nautical Desk Lamps


Nautical Table Lamp by Fisher

Fisher is a beautiful and sophisticated table lamp that comes in a variety of hues, including silver, bronze, and industrial bronze. The reviewed model comes with a sleek silver finish. The lamp is 28.7″ tall, 9″ broad at the base, and 16 x 14 x 11 inches across the lampshade.


Bulb in the Edison Style A 7.5-foot long power wire is included. One maximum 150-watt standard medium base bulb is used in this nautical table lamp. This bulb isn’t included, however the nightlight comes with a 4-watt LED Edison-style bulb. It has a 2200K color temperature, which is warm.

Design a Lantern This is an industrial-style lantern with a nightlight built in. Fisher’s traditional desk lamp features a hand-painted galvanized metal finish. The Empire White Shade is constructed of a high-quality, long-lasting fabric. The shade is finished with a beautiful finial.


Style of a country cottage For country-cottage living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms, a contemporary design light is ideal. Incandescent, LED, halogen, and CFL bulbs are all compatible with Fisher. The golden period of industrial design is reflected in this light. The price of a Fisher light is rather considerable.

Points to Consider:

  • table lamp that is both beautiful and trendy
  • Power cable is 7.5 feet long.
  • Included is a 4-watt LED Edison-style light.
  • Lantern design with an industrial feel
  • Empire white colour is exquisite.
  • nightlight built-in

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Table Lamp with a Beautiful Design

Table Lamp in Aqua On this list, there are two lights with similar designs. Lamps by Elegant Design and Crosby. Elegant Desing lamp has a reasonable price and two hues to pick from: appealing aqua and natural beige. Choose a model that complements your home’s design.


60 Watt Bulb The lamp’s height is 15.2 inches and its breadth is 9 inches. The power cord’s on/off switch is neatly situated. To switch the light on or off, you don’t have to move out of your sofa or bed. A Medium base bulb, 60W type A is used in this nautical-themed desk lamp.

Base: Aqua Glass It’s worth noting that the bulb isn’t included in the box. The lovely turquoise glass base of this little desk lamp with shade is wrapped in natural rope. It seems to be highly exquisite and one-of-a-kind. A white imperial shade made of high-quality cloth hangs over the base.


Fits in every situation Place this useful and attractive table lamp on your table, next to an armchair, next to a couch, on a shelf, and so on. It does not need a large amount of area. It looks well in settings with a seaside theme. This table lamp is also a wonderful present idea for relatives and friends.

Points to Consider:

  • a reasonable price
  • The power cable has an on/off switch.
  • 60W type A medium base bulb
  • Natural rope wraps around an aqua glass base.
  • hue of white empire

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Table Lamp for Decor Therapy

Price that is reasonable This attractive light is reasonably priced. Decor Therapy is 16 inches tall, 8 inches deep, and 6 inches wide. Place it on your nightstand, side table, shelf, and other surfaces. This light would look great in a seaside cottage or a farmhouse.


Bulbs rated at 40 watts You must purchase the bulb separately since it is not included in the kit. A maximum 40-watt bulb is used by Decor Therapy. The on/off switch, which is a clicking on/off switch, is positioned at the top of the base. The shade is made of high-quality linen, while the construction is built of sturdy resin.


Shade of off-white The anchor-shaped table lights have rope parts attached to the lamp body. The greatest desk light for a home office that quickly attracts the eye is Decor Therapy. The anchor is vintage frosted blue in color, and the shade is off-white in hue.

Points to Consider:

  • a fantastic home desk light
  • Beach cottage and farmhouse decors are ideal.
  • 40-watt standard-medium base bulb maximum
  • rotary switch that turns on and off
  • Lamp body in the form of an anchor with a rope accent
  • drum shade in off-white

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Liftad is a contemporary bedside lamp.

Lamp for decoration The Liftad table lamp comes in three distinct forms, with Rudder being the most popular. This lamp has a height of 18 inches, a width of 6 inches, and a depth of 6 inches. It is well-packaged, complete with a user handbook and other equipment. This nautical lamp isn’t only for lighting; it’s also for adornment.


Shades of Fabric It may be displayed in your bedroom, living room, home office, and other areas. The lamp’s body is composed of resin, and the shade is made of a long-lasting, high-quality cloth. It has a tiny empire shade at the top and a broader empire shade at the bottom. It adds a touch of refinement.

Power Cord Length A lengthy power chord is included with this sleek white desk light. It works with LED, incandescent, and fluorescent light bulbs. Keep in mind that LED bulbs live far longer than conventional types of bulbs. E26 and E27 base bulbs are supported by Liftad.


Element of a Lighthouse The lamp’s body is designed like a lighthouse and has several ornamental embellishments. A rudder sign may be seen on the lampshade. As a result, Liftad is a highly appealing and intriguing table lamp that is suitable for individuals who like the sea and everything associated with it.

Points to Consider:

  • Three distinct styles are offered.
  • comes with a user handbook and is well-packaged
  • The structure is composed of resin.
  • cloth colour of superior quality
  • LED, incandescent, and fluorescent bulbs are all compatible.

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Nautical Lamp by Cosylux

Construction of Antique Wood Cosylux is a tiny and compact table lamp that may be used in any room, on a table, a shelf, or a console table. The lamp’s total measurements are 16″ in height, 7.4″ in breadth, and 70 inches in length. If you are not pleased with the nautical desk lamp when it comes at your location, please contact the after-sale service.


Item created by hand Because this is a handcrafted table lamp, each model will differ slightly in look. Each piece is unique. The structure is comprised of reclaimed wood, plastic, and polished metal. It is long-lasting and may be used for many years. The power cable has an on/off switch.

Looks vintage It’s a great decorative piece for loft apartments, retro studios, bedrooms, living spaces, and more because of its vintage appeal. This French country-style lantern light also makes a wonderful present for birthdays, holidays, and other special events. Cosylux enhances the beauty of any room.


Lamp that dangles Because the bulb isn’t included in the packaging, you’ll have to purchase it separately. The manufacturer recommends Edison filament lights to maintain the rusting industrial effect. 30-40 watts is the recommended bulb wattage. This beautiful office light has a handle that can be used to hang it as well as carry it.

Points to Consider:

  • table lamp that is little and compact
  • table lamp created by hand
  • constructed of reclaimed wood, plastics, and gleaming metal
  • Each light is unique.
  • 30-40 watts is the recommended bulb wattage.
  • Lantern light in the style of a French rural house

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Pirate Table Lamp by DWK

Eye-catching This terrifying table light was created by Design DWK. The design of this antique reading light is distinctive, featuring nautical and pirate characteristics. A user handbook, light, and power cord are included in the box. They may be displayed on your nightstand in your bedroom, living room, children’s room, or home office. The cost is prohibitively expensive.


Bulb, Incandescent It attracts attention while also providing enough light in any area or location. The lamp is 21 inches by 13 inches by 13 inches in total. Because the product does not contain a bulb, you will need to purchase a 60-watt type A incandescent light bulb.

Lampshade Empire If you wish to use this table lamp to adorn a nautical-themed space, it will be a great option. The DWK lamp comes with a popular imperial shade. A colorful ornate treasure map lampshade is included with the light. This lampshade provides a warm and gentle glow.


Skeleton Pirate The lamp’s body is made of high-quality resin. On top of the riches, there is a pirate skeleton. It will add nautical and Caribbean elements to your space. You won’t have to worry about it since the accompanying power chord is long enough.

Points to Consider:

  • components of the sea and pirates
  • suitable for incandescent light bulbs
  • Empire shade is a common shade type.
  • Lampshade with a colorful ornamental treasure map
  • The body of the lamp is designed like a pirate skeleton.
  • warm and gentle lighting

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Nautical Desk Lamps: What You Should Know

You should study about lamp designs, construction quality, styles, and other factors before purchasing any of these nautical desk lights. So keep reading our instructions.

As you can see from the list above, these desk lights come in a variety of styles, sizes, patterns, bulb kinds, and more. They do, however, have a similar theme: sea-related elements such as tidy, rope, lighthouse, blue hue, fish features, and so on. They have a lot of appeal.

LED Desk Lamps – An LED bulb is the most common bulb kind. Depending on the model, they have a lengthy lifetime of 20,000 to 50,000 hours. Some variants include LED light bulbs that can be replaced. LED lights are energy-efficient, which means they consume less energy than incandescent lamps.

Lampshade Shapes – We’ll go through some of the most common lamp shades, since there are a lot of them. Choose from a variety of styles, including drum shades, oval shades, geometric shades, imperial shades, bell shades, and more. In classic settings, empire hues are extremely popular.

Color of Lampshade — There are colorful, white, transparent, and non-shade lights available on the market. If you decide to get a lamp with a shade, you should consider the color. The white and off-white lampshades allow the most light in, while the colorful lampshades give off a dim glow.

All of the lamp models in this list are intended to be used as ornamental desk lights. You may put them on a nightstand, a shelf, a console table, an end table, a dresser, or anywhere else. Don’t use it for anything that requires precision, such as work, schoolwork, or repairs. They provide a warm and inviting glow.

The Final Word

All of the models tested are attractive and well-made, but we recommend the Fisher nautical desk lamp. It has a stylish design, with a metal cage and a contemporary white imperial shade. There’s also a built-in nightlight. Read reviews on glass desk lamps and mushroom desk lamps if you want to see more appealing desk lights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which desk lamps are the best?

A: This is difficult to answer, as there are so many options from different types of lamps. If you have a specific lamp in mind, I can tell you which ones would be the best for that type of lamp.

What kind of lighting do I need for a desk?

A: Ideally, you will want a desk with adjustable lighting. If it is too bright or dim for your needs, the light can be adjusted to fit your preferences using an app on your phone called Vivid LED Lighting Control which can adjust brightness and color temperature.

Where should floor lamps be placed in an office?

A: In a room with natural light, you should place them in corners. If there is not enough natural lighting, they can be placed on the floor and lit up using an ambient light or lamp.

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