If you’re having problems with Steam, this is a guide on what to do if your overlay isn’t working.

The “steam overlay not responding” is a problem that has been present for a while. This article will show you how to fix the issue.

What to do if Steam Overlay is not working


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Publish date: October 2020

  • Steam Overlay may crash from time to time, compromising your game experience.
  • When this occurs, you have a few alternatives for resolving the issue, none of which are too sophisticated.
  • More information on this fantastic platform may be found on our Steam Hub, which is a great resource for gamers.
  • A lot of comparable information may be found in the dedicated Gaming Troubleshooting section.



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Steam is the most popular digital platform for a variety of reasons, and it is much more than just a game distribution service. It comes with a slew of beneficial features that make gaming a whole lot more fun.

Steam Overlay is one of these features, which runs in the background and enables players to speak with one another, coordinate, and share their mutual pleasure of the game.

This functionality, however, isn’t as reliable as one would think. Many Windows 10 customers have complained about how difficult it is to operate.

As a result, we compiled a lengthy list of options. Keep in mind that some of these tips apply to previous Windows versions as well, but our purpose was to concentrate on Windows 10.

So, if Steam Overlay isn’t functioning for you, check out the fixes and workarounds listed below.

What can I do if my Steam Overlay on Windows 10 isn’t working?

  1. For each game, disable and activate the Steam Overlay.
  2. As an administrator, launch the Steam client.
  3. Verify that you’re using the most recent version.
  4. The gameoverlayui.exe process should be terminated.
  5. Add a rule to the antiviral firewall’s exceptions list.
  6. Other third-party programs should be disabled.
  7. Verify the game’s fairness.
  8. Windows 10 has been updated.
  9. Install the Steam client once again.
  10. Consider using a different app.

1. Disable and activate the Steam Overlay for each game separately.

  1. Start Steam.
  2. Select Steam and then Settings from the drop-down menu.What-to-do-if-Steam-Overlay-is-not-working
  3. From the left pane, choose In-game.
  4. Confirm modifications by checking the Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game box.1616670986_296_How-to-fix-the-mouse-lag-in-Doom-Eternal-Quick
  5. Now open Library, right-click on the game in question, and choose Properties from the context menu.
  6. Save your modifications after checking the Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game box.1639420000_223_What-to-do-if-Steam-Overlay-is-not-working
  7. Start the game by restarting Steam.

2. Log in to Steam as an administrator.

  1. Open Properties by right-clicking on the Steam client’s desktop shortcut.
  2. Select the Compatibility tab from the drop-down menu.
  3. Confirm modifications by checking the Run this software as an administrator box.1639420001_986_What-to-do-if-Steam-Overlay-is-not-working

This is a common advice on numerous forums, and we recommend that you take it up.

Despite the fact that the majority of Steam users on Windows 10 do it using an administrator account, it’s still worth a go.

Also, instead of starting the game straight from its own shortcut, we recommend using the Steam client.

3. Verify that you’re using the most recent version.

  1. Start Steam.
  2. Choose Check for Steam Client Updates from the Steam menu in the main bar.
  3. Wait for the updates to finish installing before restarting Steam.1639420001_235_What-to-do-if-Steam-Overlay-is-not-working

Steam Overlay has been causing problems for a long time, particularly on older Windows versions.

Although the client automatically updates after you start it, you may always check for updates manually if anything goes wrong with the automated updates.

4. Terminate the gameoverlayui.exe program.


  1. Start the game by launching Steam.
  2. Choose Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  3. Find gameoverlayui.exe under Processes and kill it.
  4. Return to the game and press Shift + Tab to bring up the Steam Overlay.

5. Create a rule in the antivirus firewall.

The Steam client should be able to interact freely over your antivirus firewall after it’s been installed. That does not have to be the case all of the time.

Furthermore, a third-party firewall may prevent Steam from connecting to the internet, which might be problematic. You may now either turn off all firewalls while playing or set up an exception in both the native and third-party firewalls.

Disabling the firewall altogether, on the other hand, exposes your machine to internet attacks. As a result, we recommend that you use a more robust antivirus solution in conjunction with a dependable firewall.

In order to do so, it’s best to use an antivirus that’s both effective and secure, as well as one that doesn’t block Steam services. As a result, you may choose from among the top antivirus solutions for gaming PCs.

6. While gaming, turn off any other third-party programs.

  1. Type msconfig into the Windows Search bar to access System Configuration.
  2. Check the Hide all Microsoft services option under the Services tab.
  3. To deactivate all active third-party services, click Disable all.1639420002_724_What-to-do-if-Steam-Overlay-is-not-working
  4. Go to Task Manager and pick the Startup tab.
  5. Stop any applications from starting up with the system and double-check your adjustments.
  6. Restart your computer.

The Steam program, as you would expect, is an exception, since it is required to operate in the background in order for the Steam Overlay to function.

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However, several users discovered that some background-running third-party software might prevent the Steam Overlay from working.

Some of them may also be activated by the Shift + Tab shortcut, which is the Steam Overlay’s default.

7. Verify the game’s fairness.

  1. Open the Steam client on your computer.
  2. Select Library.
  3. Open Properties by right-clicking on the game in question.
  4. The LOCAL FILES tab should be selected.
  5. Finally, use the button VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES…1639420003_706_What-to-do-if-Steam-Overlay-is-not-working

This is to ensure that the game isn’t damaged or contains any missing files.

Do you want to make sure your gaming platform is in tip-top shape? Like an expert, use a steam cleaner.

8. Install the latest Windows 10 update


Another cause of Steam Overlay problems might be Windows 10, therefore making sure you have the most recent version is critical.

Of course, both Windows 10 and Steam’s insider versions should be avoided. Because beta applications are inherently unstable, they may cause problems with stability and performance.

Furthermore, if the issue began after a significant Windows Update, you may roll back Windows 10.

Simply go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and choose an earlier version of Windows 10.

9. Restart Steam and reinstall the client.


The final fix we can offer is to try reinstalling the Steam client now that we’ve virtually addressed all (or a vast percentage) of the difficulties.

This is a last-ditch effort, but it could just work. It’s important to remember that the installation files might be corrupted.

Furthermore, we recommend deleting all configuration files and just retaining the installed games, since re-downloading them might take a long time.

After you’ve done that, try Steam again. There’s just so much you can do if the situation persists.

10. Use a different app.


The last alternative is to switch to a third-party program with comparable capabilities.

For the time being, Discord seems to be holding its own, and many gamers use it to interact with one another.

There are various other options, but Discord is more than worth a go in our view.

With that stated, we may call this essay to a close. Please let us know if you have any more questions or recommendations in the comments area below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable the Steam overlay?

A: To enable the Steam overlay, go to Settings > System and check Enable Steam Overlay.

How do I unfreeze Steam overlay?

A: If youre having a problem with the Steam overlay and its frozen on your screen, scroll down to the bottom of this FAQ for a solution.

How do I enable Steam overlay in geforce?

A: In order to use the Steam overlay on a game, you need to open up your settings tab and go into In-Game where it should say something like Enable Steam Game Overlay.

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