Sling TV is America’s leading over-the-top (OTT) internet television service. It offers customers access to live and on demand channels, including top networks like ESPN, AMC, TNT etc., for $20 per month. They reported 2.25 million paid subscribers during the first quarter of 2020 – an increase of 400% from last year.

The “youtube channel earnings” is a statistic that shows how many subscribers Sling TV had at the end of Q2 2020.

Sling TV lost 56,000 customers in the second quarter of 2020, reducing the overall number of subscribers to 2.25 million. Sling TV has lost subscribers for the second quarter in a row, and it comes at a time when home video usage is at an all-time high.


Sling TV has always been around the top of the subscriber charts. The service was one of the first to launch, and since then, it has placed a strong focus on affordability, which has helped the company maintain and attract new consumers. As a result of this approach, Sling TV typically increases consumers every quarter. This has now began to change, with the service seeing quarterly cutbacks.

Sling TV had 2.59 million consumers at the end of the year, according to Dish, down roughly 100,000 from the previous three months. Since then, the company’s first quarter 2020 data indicate a 281,000 reduction in members. As a result, at the end of the first quarter, the number of subscribers had plummeted to 2.31 million.


Following Dish’s recent disclosure of a 56,000 subscriber loss, Sling has suffered a reduction for the third quarter in a row, but it is far less than the previous two quarters. In addition to Sling, Dish TV lost 40,000 subscribers within the same time period.

How does Sling TV compare to its competitors?

Sling TV seems to be entering a period of continuous quarterly decline following a long period of constant quarterly growth, but it is far from alone. For much longer, AT&T TV NOW, like Sling TV, has been losing consumers every quarter. As a result, AT&T TV NOW’s subscriber base has decreased in contrast to previous years. Sling TV, on the other hand, continues to surpass the two million mark, indicating that the service remains one of the most popular.

YouTube TV has reportedly hit two million subscribers, although the exact number is unclear, making it impossible to assess if it has more or fewer than Sling TV. However, there is considerably more confidence when it comes to Hulu Live TV, which has been a smash success for the last two years. In fact, Disney just revealed its most recent quarter numbers, revealing another another increase in Hulu Live TV users, bringing the total number of live TV subscribers to 3.4 million.

The source is Dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sling TV losing customers?


How many Sling TV subscribers?

A: Sling TV has approximately 2 million subscribers.

Is Sling TV profitable?

A: Sling TV is a streaming service that provides cable-like watching experience, but with fewer channels for an affordable price. It has the potential to make money, though profits are slim due to its low number of subscribers.

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