The “sling total tv channel list” is a new service that offers an easy way to find the channels you want. The service has been announced by Sling TV, but it’s not available yet.

The Disney-owned streaming service announced a new deal with Sling TV to bring every channel, including ESPN and TNT. It is unclear what this means for the future of cable television as a whole.

The Total TV Deal with Sling allows Sling TV members to get the most out of their live TV bundle by getting all of the add-ons, including DVR Plus, for a reduced price. It’s a good choice for individuals who want a complete Sling TV plan with all of the channels and extras. However, if saving money is your primary motivation for using Sling TV, the Total TV Deal may not be the greatest choice.


Sling TV is a low-cost option for consumers who want to watch live TV via the internet. Sling TV is a terrific value for money, with subscriptions beginning at $35 per month and access to a selection of live TV channels. While the channel list varies depending on whether subscribers choose the Sling Orange or Sling Blue plan, customers may save money on their live TV subscription when compared to other live TV streaming providers.

The disadvantage is that Sling TV is not just less expensive in general, but it also has less channels than many of the other alternatives. Sling TV provides an a la carte option to compensate for customers who desire a more complete service.


Channel shopping on Sling

While you may choose between Sling Orange and Sling Blue, or combine the two with the ‘Sling Orange & Blue’ bundle, some customers may find the channel list to be too limiting. In this instance, upgrading with add-ons is one way to boost the channel options.

Sling TV provides a variety of channel add-ons, and although they are all the same whether you’re an Orange or Blue subscriber, they may change significantly owing to the fact that Orange and Blue have distinct channel lineups to begin with.

Sling TV offers the following add-ons:

Add-on Cost p/m Orange Blue
DVR Plus $6
Extraordinary Sports $11
Extra Laughs $6
Children’s Extra $6
Extraordinary News $6
Extraordinary Lifestyle $6
Extraordinary in Hollywood $6
Extraordinary Heartland $6

Add-Ons for Sling TV

Adding these channel packs to a plan increases not only the number of channels available, but also the price, and the more you add, the higher the price becomes. This is where the Sling Total TV Deal comes into play, and it may even be more expensive than rival providers.

How does the Sling TV Total TV package work?

The Total TV Deal is for individuals looking for the greatest Sling TV bundle overall. Instead of paying more for some of the add-ons, as well as the DVR Plus upgrade, which extends the cloud DVR storage limit from 50 to 200 hours, Sling members may have access to all of the available add-ons for a lower fee. The Sling TV Total TV Deal consists of all accessible channels and extras, except premium networks.


If a Sling Orange or Sling Blue subscriber purchased each of the add-ons separately, the total cost would be $53 per month. This is in addition to the $35 monthly fee for the basic live TV package, bringing the total to $78 each month. Those same customers, on the other hand, may get all of the add-ons for only $21 per month on top of the basic price with the Total TV bundle. This reduces the prior $75 monthly cost to to $56.

Sling Blue + Orange subscribers are in the same boat. Orange & Blue users would have to pay $50 per month for the basic plan and an additional $53 per month for the add-ons if they didn’t take advantage of the Total TV Deal. The Total TV Deal, on the other hand, adds $27 per month to the basic plan, bringing the total to $77 per month for the base plan, all available add-ons, and DVR Plus.

Is the Total TV Package a good deal?

It’s all about perspective when it comes to the Sling Total TV Deal’s worth. This bargain is worth taking advantage of if you’re a Sling TV customer. For $21-27 a month, the Total TV Deal adds all channels and increases the DVR limit, giving you the most complete Sling TV experience possible. In a broader sense, the entire cost of a Sling Orange or Sling Blue subscription has increased from $35 to $50 per month, making it no longer less expensive than the competitors.

Sling TV becomes comparable in pricing to AT&T TV or Live TV on Hulu when the Total TV Deal is taken into account. Some Sling TV consumers may find it more cost effective to pay the additional few of dollars and subscribe to one of the other providers. Hulu Live TV, for example, is $5 more expensive but includes a basic Hulu subscription worth $5.99 a month. As a result, any Sling TV user who also has basic Hulu and the Total TV Deal may discover that a Hulu Live TV subscription meets their specific channel and package requirements better.

The gap is even more apparent for Sling Orange + Blue users, who pay $77 per month for the best of Sling TV, which is more expensive than many other live TV streaming services. Some of which are likely to be more suited to the customer’s specific streaming requirements. Consumers may, for example, choose YouTube TV is a service that allows you to watch and its unlimited DVR for $77 per month. For about the same amount, consumers could also subscribe to Hulu Live TV and HBO Max.

Summary of the Sling Total TV Deal

Although the increase in channels and premium DVR comes at an extra monthly fee, the Total TV Deal might be a terrific way to add channels and expand an existing Sling TV subscription.

Sling Strategy Cost p/m Total TV per month Total p/m
Orange $35 $21 $56
Blue $35 $21 $56
Orange + Blue $50 $27 $77

Explained: The Total TV Package

The value of the increase depends on how useful the extra channels are to the individual subscriber, as well as the necessity for more cloud DVR. Furthermore, if the price rise represents a better value than competing live TV streaming services.

Services for watching live television Cost p/m
Sling Total TV Deal $56/$77
AT&T TV from $70
fuboTV from $65
Hulu Live TV $65
Vidgo from $40
YouTube TV $65

How Sling Total TV stacks up

The major point is that the Sling Total TV Deal is merely another option offered to Sling TV users. Sling TV is all about choice, and although the price may not be for everyone, those who want it may add all of the channels and boost their cloud DVR storage limit.

The “sling total tv deal reddit” is a recent announcement by Sling TV. The company has partnered with every major streaming service to bring you the best content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the total TV deal include on Sling?

A: The total TV deal includes a lot of channels. To see all the channels included in your package, click here to see your channel list on Sling.

Why does my sling bill keep going up?

A: Your sling bill is not going up.

What is the 4 Extras deal?

A: The 4 Extras deal is a package of items that are given to people who pre-order the newest version of Beat Saber on Steam. This includes an exclusive item, access to some beta tests for upcoming features, and more!

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