Did you know Google Autocomplete helps improve your site’s SEO? It helps users find your pages on the Google search engine, and it is a great way to increase traffic and boost your rankings. In this post, we’ll show you the easy steps you can take to get started with Google Autocomplete suggestions for your site.

Your search history is now the most important piece of your digital marketing puzzle. With Google promoting this recent update, now is the time to test your brand’s brand popularity.

A few weeks ago, Google announced that it was giving its search engine the ability to suggest what users are searching for before they even type the words into the search bar. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to have a solid SEO strategy in place so you can get your website on the bottom of Google search results.

When a user types a term into Google’s search box, a dropdown list of recommended searches displays. Google completes the user’s phrase before they have even finished typing.

Although it may seem scary, Google’s Autocomplete feature is just attempting to make the user’s life simpler. Google assists users in getting where they want to go faster and more effectively by giving search recommendations.

But what exactly is Google Autocomplete and how does it work? And how can a company use this capability to boost its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts? Find out in the video below!

What is Google Autocomplete, and how does it work?

Google Autocomplete isn’t dependent on the user’s mind reading or anything like that. It’s all based on Google’s incomprehensibly large collection, which includes data from 2.5 trillion queries each year.


Google can anticipate what individuals will search for when they start typing a phrase based on this information. For example, if you enter “how many” into the search box, a number of options will display, including “how many nations in the globe” and “how many weeks in a year.”

Google Autocomplete is the name of this useful function. It was created to assist users in quickly locating the information they need. Indeed, according to the Google gods, it lowers typing by approximately 25%, which equates to saving 200 years of typing time per day!

What is Google Autocomplete’s method for predicting queries?

As previously said, Google Autocomplete’s forecast is based on Google’s huge data collection.

A query or keyword is anything that is entered into Google’s search box (phrase). Every search query Google gets is recorded, and the number of times each query appears is counted. When a user types a question into the search box, such as “how many,” Google can estimate which query is the most probable choice based on how often each query happens each month.

For example, the question “how many people live on the planet” may be entered into the search box 100,000 times each month on average. However, the question “how many nations are there in the world?” is asked approximately 500,000 times each month.

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If a user begins entering “how many” into the search box, Google will autocomplete the phrase with the second choice since this is the most probable question the user is looking for based on search traffic.

It’s worth noting that this is the most frequent characteristic Google employs for auto-complete. Real-time trends and geographic location are only a few of the other variables that are taken into account.

How can Google Autocomplete help you improve your search engine optimization?


Because consumers get autocomplete recommendations when they type a query, it’s no wonder that marketers are searching for ways to leverage this feature to boost their SEO efforts.

The most simple method to use Google Autocomplete for SEO reasons is to do keyword research.

For example, the easiest method is for a user to enter a term into Google’s search box and see what suggestions Google Autocomplete provides.

Along with the original term, the predictions will be linked to keywords that people have searched for. The user may then utilize this information to find long-tail keywords to target in their content.

To take it a step further, type a query and then scroll down the alphabet for the next word to see what predictions appear. So, for example, the user might begin by searching for “digital marketing,” then go on to “digital marketing a,” “digital marketing b,” and so on.

Google’s Autocomplete will generate a new set of query predictions for each query.

Although this method of keyword research utilizing Google Autocomplete may provide useful results, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Before going on to the next question, the user must write a query and then manually note all predictions in a separate document/spreadsheet.

Fortunately, using a third-party Google Autocomplete API, huge quantities of autocomplete recommendations may be extracted very quickly and automatically. SERPMaster’s Google Autocomplete API, for example, sends forth suggestions depending on the user’s chosen location, device, or browser. If you want to understand more about how SERPMaster’s Google Autocomplete API works, go to this page.  

The predictions are retrieved using a scraping program that scrapes Google’s Autocomplete results. This method is much quicker than manually entering everything and may save the user a significant amount of time. 

This method may be automated to obtain useful keyword information at scale, which can assist boost SEO efforts.

Google regularly updates its autocomplete suggestions database to reflect the most searched for terms on the web. Most people are unaware of these because it is buried deep within Google, but it can help you to improve your website’s search position.. Read more about google autocomplete query and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Google autocomplete for SEO?

You can use Google autocomplete to find the most popular search terms in a given field. This is helpful for SEO purposes, as it can help you find what people are looking for when they enter your website or blog.

How does Google autocomplete suggest searches quickly?

Google autocomplete is a feature that allows you to type in your search query and it will automatically suggest related searches.

How Googles instant autocomplete suggestions work?

Googles instant autocomplete suggestions are generated by a system that uses the search engines vast knowledge of what people typically search for.

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