In a move that is both strategic and bold, NVIDIA has removed all Android TV advertisements from its new SHIELD device. Without ads to answer to, the company can focus more on what it does best: gaming.

The “nvidia shield remove recommendations” is a new feature that has been added to the NVIDIA SHIELD. The feature allows users to remove ads from apps on the device. This makes sense, but it will not last long.

No Android TV Ads on NVIDIA SHIELD Makes Sense, but Will It Last?

Android TV just added a new feature to the home screen that displays highlights, which many people mistake for advertisements. The NVIDIA SHIELD TV, on the other hand, seems to be free from the new advertising, according to sources. While this is understandable, given NVIDIA’s approach to the platform, it is unlikely to persist.


Google promoted the new function as a way for Android TV users to discover new material to watch. It’s a recommendation-based feature that’s seen in a lot of applications and services. The concern is that its prominent location on the home screen, along with the fact that part of the material is provided by advertisers and that users have no way to deactivate them, suggests that it is more than simply a useful function. In this way, it’s similar to advertisements or product placements.

While the SHIELD TV is an Android TV device, it stands out as the most capable Android TV experience available in a set-top box. Furthermore, NVIDIA has done an excellent job of keeping its products up to date and introducing new features. Getting agreements in place for applications like Vudu and Prime Video before an Android TV-wide similar deal is necessary. Overall, NVIDIA has shown that it knows what customers want, one of which is less advertisements.


The ‘Android TV Advantage’ is a term used to describe the advantages that Android TV has over other

Many people have seen the new highlights/ads now that the feature has begun to roll out, and many of them are dissatisfied with the situation. Many SHIELD TV owners have commented, mainly on Reddit, that their devices have yet to see the adverts — as is the case with ours. 9to5 The number of complaints was also picked up by Google, verifying the SHIELD’s supposed immunity.

It’s unclear if this will continue to be the case, since it’s doubtful that Google would want such a crucial function to be absent from all consumer Android TV devices. Not to mention that this might lead to other manufactures following suit and skipping the advertisements as well.

Despite this, it’s understandable that SHIELD TV has yet to see the adverts air. NVIDIA executives informed the media at a conference in 2019 when the firm was presenting the newest versions of the SHIELD TV that Android TV was not merely included in the SHIELD for the sake of it, but that it was the preferred platform of choice.

NVIDIA essentially spoke about a ‘Android TV edge,’ with one of the main advantages being the absence of advertisements. NVIDIA favored Android TV since it was an ad-free platform, and it was suggested that the business would keep with Google as long as that was the case.

NVIDIA has often proved that it prefers to make its own rules about what constitutes an Android TV experience, including ensuring that its customers get the features (and applications) they want. As a result, it stands to reason that if the corporation was capable of consenting to a delay – maybe until the next SHIELD TV upgrade – it would do so, and for as long as it could.


However, a delay is not the same as an exemption, and it’s unclear if NVIDIA was able to totally avoid installing advertisements. After all, advertisements are not just something Google would want to be uniform throughout the Android TV experience for consumers, but they are also Google’s major business.

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The “nvidia shield launcher” is a Google TV app that allows users to access the Android TV interface. The NVIDIA SHIELD was released in 2014, and it has been plagued by ads since its release. However, this week’s announcement that the NVIDIA SHIELD will not have any Android TV ads on it makes sense, but will it last?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of ads on Nvidia Shield?

A: To remove the ads on Nvidia Shield, press and hold the power button for 4-5 seconds until you see a prompt asking if you want to turn off adblock. Press yes and go back into Beat Saber.

Are there ads on Nvidia Shield?

A: Yes, there are often ads on Nvidia Shield.

How do I stop ads on Android TV?

A: You can disable adverts on the TV itself. On Android TVs, go to Settings > System > Advanced options and uncheck show advertisements.

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