Microsoft’s Windows 10 update for PCs has been a long time coming, and has been something that has been asked for by Android users for a long time. But, unlike the other operating systems, the update for Windows 10 is not yet available, and isn’t due to be available until Spring 2017. However, recent news comes from Microsoft’s WinBeta blog, which claims that users of Windows 10, along with Microsoft’s Win32 apps, will have native Android app support from later this year.

Microsoft has released a series of bold plans for Windows 10, but one of the most controversial is the company’s commitment to native app support. This means that Windows 10 no longer supports any device with Win32 app support, including the Xbox One, Surface Pro 4, Surface 3, Surface RT, and Surface 2. Microsoft released this statement in September, but the company has refused to provide a clear timetable for when this will all change.


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  • The next operating system will begin rolling out on October 5th, as we all know.
  • Many of its major features, however, will not be included in the first release package and will be postponed.
  • Despite popular demand, native Android app functionality has been postponed until 2022.
  • Microsoft hasn’t given us a specific date for when we’ll get it, but people have been patient.


One of the most eagerly awaited features of Windows 11 is Android app compatibility, which was originally revealed during the Windows 11 event in June.

Unfortunately, those customers who want to utilize this functionality will have to wait, since Microsoft has announced that Android app compatibility will not be included in Windows 11 this autumn.

So, without a doubt, beginning in 2022, this much-anticipated function will be available on our smartphones.

Support for Android apps has been postponed until 2022.

As a result, one of the most anticipated aspects of Microsoft’s new operating system will be delayed.

Officials from Microsoft have said that when the next version of Windows is released on October 5 as a free update for many customers, it would not include Android mobile phone applications in its new app store for PCs.

Why is it so essential to have native Android app compatibility, you may wonder? Because it will enable Windows 11 users to search for, install, and run Android applications via the Microsoft Store.

Android applications on the next OS are powered by a new Windows Subsystem for Android, which Microsoft claims will go into preview with Insiders in the coming months thanks to a collaboration with the Amazon AppStore.

We don’t know whether this new function will be included in a Windows 11 version 21H2 update or if developers will wait until the next major operating system feature upgrade, version 22H2, which is set to arrive in autumn 2022.


What we do know is that Microsoft has been collaborating with Amazon and Intel to bring Android app compatibility to Windows 11, and it hasn’t been a simple process.

Keep in mind that Android applications will be hosted and downloaded via Amazon’s App Store, and Intel is working on a bridge technology that will enable ARM-compiled Android apps to operate on x86 systems.

Users would prefer to have this feature later rather than sooner and have it break.

You’d be wrong if you believed the user community would be outraged after hearing this news. The vast majority of Insiders and other interested individuals or groups are prepared to wait.

Most consumers are fine with giving Microsoft more time rather than having native Android app compatibility immediately and dealing with annoying bugs and other significant problems that would prevent them from utilizing their favorite apps.

We took a deeper look at specialized forums and social media sites to see how people are reacting to the new operating system ahead of its release.

And, although there are some who disagree with Redmond authorities’ tough choice, virtually everyone else realizes that this feature just need more time to operate correctly.

So sit back and relax as you journey slowly and comfortably to the new Windows experience. You may even take a sleep if you want to, since it will take some time before we can declare it finished.

What are your views on the current hold-up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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