As the first American-based company to enter the gaming monitor market, ASUS has made a name for itself in pro gamers’ circles. The AOC G2460PF is an IPS-screened 144Hz 24″ 1440p FreeSync 2 model with low input lag and features built in NVIDIA GTX1070 graphics.

AOC is a good gaming monitor brand. AOC monitors are known for their low response time and refresh rates. They also offer a variety of different features, including G-Sync, FreeSync, and 144Hz refresh rate.

IS AOC A Good Gaming Monitor Brand?

AOC is a gaming monitor company that is always improving its technology and products. AOC continues to develop quicker than other gaming monitor businesses, despite not having the same brand reputation as Asus or LG.

AOC is an electronics firm that specializes in gaming displays for a wide range of customers. AOC offers everything from low-cost to high-end luxury solutions. The specifications of each individual monitor are significantly more relevant than the monitor’s manufacturer. AOC, on the other hand, is recognized for producing high-quality gaming monitors that are both robust and competent.

IDC also identified AOC as the worldwide market-share leader for gaming displays for 2019 and 2020. Gaming displays, according to the IDC, have a refresh rate of at least 100Hz.

This statistic alone demonstrates AOC’s supremacy in recent years and how their goods speak for themselves.

Background Information on AOC

AOC, previously Admiral Overseas Corporation, began as a radio and television business in 1934. AOC sells in approximately 120 countries throughout the globe, while having its headquarters in Taiwan.

AOC has a rich and illustrious history. AOC was the first company to produce color TVs for export in 1967. 

For nearly 50 years, they’ve been a worldwide pioneer in monitor display technology, and they continue to invent and produce. 

AOC Today

AOC has successfully invented and produced displays that recognize consumer needs at all levels, from casual gamers to die-hard esports professionals, in current times. 

AOC has dominated the gaming monitor business thanks to its world-class designs, cutting-edge performance, and revolutionary features.

AOC’s sales in the United States increased by 67 percent in 2019, making them the fastest-growing monitor business in North America. 

G2 Esports and RNG, two of the world’s biggest gaming groups, are also sponsored by AOC. 

AOC gaming monitors also earn hundreds of positive reviews from major media publications each year, resulting in millions of views. AOC also has a strong presence at gaming conventions including Pax Prime, Pax South, SXSW, E3, Dreamhack, Blizzcon, and TwitchCon.

AOC has also made a name for herself in the movie world, with product placements in films including Venom, Godzilla, and The Martian.

It has been shown that AOC is committed to developing goods that are in line with emerging technology trends and the changing demands of various clients.

A short look at Amazon reveals that the majority of AOC gaming monitors have ratings of well over 4 out of 5 stars.

Is AOC a manufacturer of monitors?

If AOC manufactures its own displays, many prospective buyers are suspicious. Although AOC monitors are made in China, they are produced in its own factory. 

AOC may cut the total price of its displays by having them produced in China. 

Product Catalogue

AOC has two different gaming monitor lineups for two different types of users. The AOC G-Series series is more cost-effective, making it ideal for beginners and casual gamers.

The AOC AGON Series is a high-end range designed for serious gamers and esports pros. Since its launch in 2017, the AGON Series has racked up a slew of accolades, including 15 prominent publications declaring AOC gaming monitors “the finest.” Best Gaming Monitor, Best Value, and a PC Magazine award for Most Reliable Brand are among the other honors.

Furthermore, AOC stands out as having the greatest gaming monitor warranty policy. The AOC Re-Spawned Warranty is the warranty that is being given. It covers AGON series displays for four years and G-Series monitors for three years.

With this warranty, you can be certain that:

  • Guaranteed zero dead pixels – any dead pixels will be replaced by AOC.
  • AOC will supply your monitor right away, without having to wait for your broken display to arrive.
  • One-time accidental damage coverage — for up to a year, it covers one instance of unintentional damage.

AOC Monitors Information

Let’s take a deeper look at AOC’s monitors and what they have to offer now that we know who they are as a business and their significant influence in today’s environment.


In terms of design, AOC monitors are well-designed in order to stand out in a crowded market. Many of their latest monitors have a bezel-less design that is ideal for multi-monitor configurations. 

Furthermore, AOC’s gaming monitor collection includes more aggressive styles. On the rear of several of the displays, there is extra RBG lighting as well as inspiration design patterns.

With its gaming displays, AOC also promotes convenience. The majority of monitors have VESA wall mounting, pivot, tilt, and height adjustment capabilities.

Although the appearance of the monitor isn’t as crucial as the specifications, AOC promises a distinctive and modern look.


Any avid gamer will be satisfied with the performance of AOC’s gaming monitors. In addition to superb color accuracy, its gaming collection includes monitors with a fast refresh rate and a short reaction time.

The AOC AGON Pro AG254FG is a 24.5-inch gaming monitor with an IPS display and a 360hz refresh rate. This display competes with the best of the best in the gaming monitor industry, demonstrating the breadth of AOC’s capabilities.


When it comes to value for money, AOC outperforms all other monitor makers. Most high-end gaming monitors have the same specifications, but due to customer sentiment, more respected firms are able to charge more for their displays.

If you do some in-depth study on what the monitor truly delivers, you’ll typically discover that AOC is the finest selection. 

However, if you like a more costly monitor brand, there’s nothing wrong with doing so.

Create a high-quality product

With their steel monitor supports and high-grade construction materials, AOC also prioritizes build quality. AOC gaming monitors are often incredibly hefty and made to endure a long time.


Although the particular characteristics offered by AOC vary depending on the gaming monitor model, you’ll be able to discover what you need. AOC offers everything from low-cost gaming displays to high-end configurations.

The AOC AG493UCX, for example, is a 49-inch ultra-wide curved display. This display is a gaming colossus, with a 120hz refresh rate and VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400.

They also offer more affordable choices, such as the AOC Q27T1 with a refresh rate of 75hz and a 27-inch screen.

It’s critical to do your homework as a buyer and understand precisely what you’re receiving with your gaming monitor.

Panel of Display

Because you’ll be gazing at it all day, the display panel is perhaps the most significant aspect of a gaming monitor. Fortunately, AOC employs all of the common display panels, including TN, IPS, and VA.

Is AOC a good brand for gaming monitors?

Other than yes, there is no straight response to this question. With a handful of their devices, they compete with high-end monitor companies while still providing budget-friendly solutions.

The unclear character of the brand is the major cause for people’s skepticism about AOC monitors. In comparison to established brands like LG, Samsung, and Asus, AOC does not have nearly the same brand awareness.

Some individuals may think that the corporation manufactures Chinese knockoffs. This is incorrect; they are market leaders not just in China, but also in Europe and other important areas.

The fact that G2 Esports and RNG both have sponsorship arrangements with AOC is the key deciding factor. These two huge Esports organizations would never work with a low-quality gaming monitor manufacturer.

AOC has recently had a lot of success with their AGON premium brand. In addition, AOC’s G2 Series products are quite popular. 

Last but not least, AOC provides a complete monitor selection for each of their models. They offer office, designer, and gaming varieties, for example, all of which are tailored to your specific needs.


When compared to other manufacturers, AOC monitors are not only good quality, but they are also more inexpensive.

AOC has something for everyone, from low-cost entry-level displays to high-end gaming monitors with premium features.


I’m not sure which AOC monitor to buy.

The AOC gaming monitor you should choose is determined by your needs. I suggest getting a monitor with a refresh rate of at least 144hz. Check the specifications of each monitor and compare them to monitors from other brands.

Should I Purchase a High-End Gaming Monitor?

The two most important components of your gaming setup are your monitor and GPU. As a result, I advocate allocating the lion’s share of your spending to these two areas. In addition, you’ll need a powerful CPU to run both of these devices. 1440p displays are noticeably more attractive than 1080p panels, but they need a powerful graphics card to run.

What Is the Difference Between HDMI and DisplayPort?

DisplayPort is superior than HDMI for gaming since it provides greater resolutions and refresh rates. At lower framerate rates, HDMI performs well.

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The “is aoc a good brand reddit” is a question that has been asked for years. This article will go over the pros and cons of AOC gaming monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AOC a good gaming brand?

A: This is a highly debated topic. Some people say its good, while others say its not. It all boils down to personal preference and what you like best out of the brands offered by AOC.

Is AOC better than HP?

A: Yes, AOC is better than HP.

Is AOC better than Dell?

A: AOC is a personal computer company that was founded in 1987. Its headquarters are located in Hong Kong and they have offices around the world including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa and more! Dell is not as big of a tech company when compared to AOC.

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