The world is constantly in motion, and the working class needs to constantly move objects. Whether it be moving firewood or moving grocery products, having the right lawn care apps is essential for any gardening enthusiasts.

When Summer rolls around, your lawn is the first thing you take care of. But, to get the most out of your time, you’ll want to know which app to download and use. That’s why we’ve created this guide and compiled a list of the best lawn care apps for Android and iOS.

The best way to keep your lawn looking beautiful is to use the right tools for the job. After all, using the wrong tool for the right job leads to frustration, which leads to the lawn looking less than its best.

A lawn serves as a mini-playground for youngsters as well as a relaxing spot for adults. It is essential to maintain the grass green, clean, well-groomed, and tidy, whether it is in front of the home or in the rear. If you don’t, the area you’ve left in front or behind the home will be unsightly.

For a variety of reasons, a lawn may seem unsightly or unhealthy. Working individuals, for example, may not have time to groom their lawns, or you may have purchased a new home with a lovely yard but have no idea how to manage it. You may use the following lawn care applications if you’re a professional who can’t spend time on the lawn or if you’re interested in grooming/maintaining the lawn on your own but don’t know the steps/process, etc.

Apps for lawn maintenance

Calculator for Landscaping

Landscaping Calculator

You may wish to put pavers on the lawn or replace the soil in a specific part of the yard with a better or fresher one at times. The Landscaping Calculator is an app that calculates the weight and number of bags of soil, gravel, concrete, and other materials needed to landscape a certain area. To calculate the number of bags, choose the land measurements from the drop-down menu, then input the diameter, depth, breadth, and height of the land and press the “Calculate” button.

Plant maintenance

Plants may be a valuable addition to any landscape. Children may inquire about the plant’s or grass’s name, or the sapling’s or grass’s leaves may be affected with germs or fungus, or you may see a new growth in the lawn. In these three scenarios, plant identification applications will come in useful. You may do the following using the applications:

  • Find out what illnesses there are and how to treat them.
  • Take a look at the plant names.
  • Determine whether or not the plant on your yard is a weed.

Reminders about the lawn

On a holiday, people may want to mow, water, aerate, or fertilize their lawn, but they may forget. Reminder applications are intended for individuals who often forget important chores. They will display a personalized message along with the job due date in the notification panel so that you can finish the assignment on time.

YouTube lawn care videos

Lawn care videos on YouTube

YouTube, when utilized correctly, can be an excellent instructor. Using the YouTube app, you may learn about mowing, aeration, soil replenishment, and a variety of other topics. Hundreds of YouTubers have produced and published videos explaining the finest lawn-care practices. You may watch the video as many times as you like until you understand the steps or the procedure.


Lawn Care subreddit

The Reddit app includes a section named “Lawn Care” where you can discover individuals discussing lawn-related ideas and learn what other users are doing to maintain their lawn lush green, clean, and so on. Over 320k people have joined this subreddit. LawnCare is a large and wonderful community for individuals seeking for lawn professional assistance. There are also gardening and plant-related subreddits on Reddit. You may learn more about plants and their illnesses by joining these subreddits.

My Lawn

My Lawn

My Lawn allows users to provide the following information about their lawn:

  • The kind of grass and the state of the lawn.
  • The size and placement of the lawn.

My Lawn will develop a personalized lawn care plan for you based on the information you provide. Users may sign up for this service and have their lawn taken care of by a professional if they so choose. Users may modify the plan before enrolling. This software allows users to view how big their grass is.

Mastery of the Garden

Lawn Mastery

For lawn owners, Yard Mastery is a fantastic software. It comes with a “lawn measuring” gadget that allows customers to measure their yard. It includes a “fertilizer calculator” tool that takes the size of your lawn as an input and outputs the quantity of fertilizer you’ll need. Yard Mastery monitors your location’s temperature and displays the current soil temperature. It includes a built-in diary feature that allows you to keep track of your lawn care efforts on a certain day. Yard Mastery includes a shop where you may buy fertilizers, herbicides, seeds, and other gardening supplies. You may also set up reminders using it.



Planta, according to its creators, is an app that will assist you in keeping your plants alive. This app may be used as a substitute for specialized reminder applications. It not only allows users to create reminders, but it also provides useful plant care advice. The app includes a 7.5 million plant database and a search function for finding plants by name. It allows you to set up a watering, cleaning, moistening, and fertilizing routine for your plants. Planta may display reminders in the morning or evening, at your discretion. It has a light meter that displays a list of plants that can grow in the current light conditions of the corner, room, or any other area of your home. Planta comes with a plant journaling tool as well.


Overwatering may cause anaerobic conditions in the soil. You must use a weather app to keep track of the weather to ensure that you do not water the grass on days when it will or is anticipated to rain. The apps display not only the current temperature, but also the humidity, precipitation level, and the weather forecast for the next several days. You may let nature take care of your yard if the weather prediction says it will rain today.

This year, we’ve made a lot of progress and new technologies and apps (apps, apps) arrived on Android and iOS, and we can’t wait to see what’s new and cool for next year. So we’ve compiled a list of the best apps of 2021 that will help you with your garden and lawn.. Read more about lawn buddy and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app for yard work?

Yes, there is an app for yard work.

What apps do landscapers use?

Landscapers use a variety of apps to help them with their work. Some of these include things like GPS mapping, measuring distances, and other tools used for the job.

Does Scotts Lawn have an app?

No, Scotts Lawn does not have an app.

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