Apple is discontinuing the AirTag, a smart device that could track and identify users. Many companies are looking to take their place, and these 5 beacons offer innovative features which may leverage Apple’s legacy tech in new ways.

The “best airtag alternative” is a device that can be used to send messages, track locations, and more. It’s not too difficult to find alternatives to the AirTag.

This year, Apple released its AirTag search tracker. It’s a compact, straightforward GPS beacon for locating keys, wallets, and luggage. AirTag is already on the market, but it’s far from the only tracker available. We’ve included five of the greatest AirTag options below.

It’s worth noting that Bluetooth trackers have been available for quite some time. To keep track of things, they employ Bluetooth and GPS. The Tile tracker, for example, debuted in 2014. Things are linked to little accessories, and their position is shown on your smartphone. Apple, on the other hand, has stood out in this regard. We’ll see how it stacks up against the competition. Let’s move on to the greatest tracker options for now.

Alternatives to Apple AirTag that are worth considering

  • Tile Mate is a program that allows you to create
  • Galaxy SmartTag is a Samsung product.
  • Tile Pro
  • Chipolo One and Chipolo One Spot are two Chipolo species.
  • Sticker for Tiles

Tile Mate is number one.

The Tile Mate is a viable rival to the AirTag and is significantly less expensive. Tile is the market leader in the search tracker sector, with a variety of versions. Tile Mate is the company’s cheapest tracker, with a lot of helpful functions.

Apple AirTag Alternatives Beacons

Tile Mate, like AirTag, connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), which may be an iPhone or an Android device. The tracker can function up to 60 meters away, which should be sufficient for most users. If the tracker is outside this range, you may utilize Lost Mode to locate it using other users. AirTag makes use of the Latitude app’s extensive network.

This tracker is powered by a regular “CR1632” battery that may be replaced. According to some users, this is a challenging task. Simply push and twist the rear panel to change the AirTag battery. The Tile button is one benefit Tile beacons have over AirTags. If you suddenly can’t locate your phone, just push the tracker’s button, and the phone will begin to make a sound.

Furthermore, since they feature a unique hole for this, Tile trackers may be readily mounted to anything. You can either purchase different AirTag accessories or just slip the tracker in your backpack or wallet. The Mate beacon can be linked to Google Assistant and Alexa to help you locate your items without having to pick up your phone.

Tile Mate, on the other hand, has several drawbacks. The tracker is water and dust resistant to IP55, while the AirTag is water and dust resistant to IP67. In addition, the Smart Alert function will need a paid subscription.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag No. 2


This is a waterproof Samsung tracker with a built-in speaker. Its CR2032 battery should last for around 11 months before needing to be replaced.

The cost of a set of four beacons is cheaper than the cost of a set of AirTag trackers.

The beacon facilitates sophisticated network searches for Galaxy users as well as reminders for neglected household goods. Furthermore, you may control the level of the signal that is activated while looking for a beacon.

With Samsung’s assistance, you can monitor not just items but even pets. The tracker comes in a variety of colors.

Tile Pro is number three.


Tile Pro is Tile’s more costly tracker. It is more expensive than AirTag, but it has all of the functions of the Tile Mate variant plus two more. The beacon is already operational at a distance of around 120 meters and emits a significantly stronger signal.

A paid membership is no longer required for the Smart Alerts function. Tile Pro is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. A CR2032 battery powers the tracker, which should last more than a year.

Chipolo One and Chipolo One Spot are the fourth and fifth Chipolo species, respectively.

Apple AirTag Alternatives Beacons

Another firm that creates search beacons is Chipolo. Its trackers are smaller and come in a variety of colors than Tile’s. This tracker does not need any additional equipment, yet it is less expensive than AirTag. Not only should the tracker be loud, but it should be louder than all of its rivals.

Chipolo One is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The Chipolo app makes it simple to set up the beacon through Bluetooth. On the same “CR2032” battery as the others, this tracker should last two years.

There is no need to pay for a membership; all functionalities are accessible right away in the app. The trigger distance for smart notifications is set by you. You will be notified as soon as the tracker has traveled more than this distance.

If you misplace the Chipolo One tracker, all you can do is hope that someone nearby has the Chipolo app loaded. The Chipolo One Spot is unique.

Chipolo One Spot combines the finest of both worlds together. It has all of the same features as the Chipolo One and is compatible with the Find My network. If you misplace your Chipolo One Spot tracker, you may use a locator to find it, much as with AirTag. The tracker works in the same manner as AirTag and even has a Lost Mode feature.

The main difference between the Chipolo One Spot beacon and the AirTag is that it lacks the U1 chip and its functionality. The Chipolo One Spot tracker will be available to purchase this month, and it should be less expensive than AirTag.

Tile Sticker No. 5

Apple AirTag Alternatives Beacons

The Tile Sticker is a tiny and affordable beacon that can be attached to almost any surface. It has a width of 27mm and a thickness of 7.3mm.

Because it sticks to anything, the tracker is called a sticker. The tracker should last three years and the battery for the same length of time. At the same time, the tracker has an IPX7 rating, which means it can be immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

The beacon has a range of 45 meters, which is rather amazing considering its small. For simple searching, it features a built-in speaker. A subscription is required for smart alerts.

That’s all there is to it, guys. These were some of the most effective AirTag alternatives on the market right now. If you know of any more, please let us know in the comments section below.

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Is there anything similar to AirTag?

A: There is a game called Archery Tag that has the same gameplay as AirTag, but without hitting people with arrows.

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A: Exactly what is AirTag?

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A: Yes, there is a Google AirTag. Its called the Google Assistant.

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