Malwarebytes is an antivirus software that protects computers from viruses, spyware and other malicious programs. The program has a free version and paid premium versions. Here are the 5 best antivirus currently available to use with Malwarebytes:

The “best free antivirus” is a term that has been thrown around for a while. There are many to choose from, but these 5 are the best ones to use with Malwarebytes.

ESET Antivirus includes all of the security features you’ll ever need to keep your data and privacy safe, such as:

  • Support for anti-theft
  • Webcam security
  • Setup and user interface are simple.
  • Support for several platforms
  • Encryption at the banking level
  • System requirements are minimal.
  • Anti-malware software that is up to date

Malwarebytes is difficult to beat when it comes to malware protection. However, there is more to be concerned about than just viruses. And it’s for this reason that we’re on the lookout for the finest antivirus to go with Malwarebytes.

Now, since there are two versions of the program, each with its own objective, we feel compelled to draw a conceptual separation. Malwarebytes Free, generally known as the malware scanner we’re all familiar with, and Malwarebytes Premium are two options.

The latter attempts to provide a comprehensive antivirus solution with many layers of security, including online protection, system vulnerability detection, real-time defense, and a slew of other features.

Is Malwarebytes, however, sufficient on its own? That’s just the first question; ready yourself for the onslaught of questions to follow. Is Malwarebytes capable of detecting spyware? Is Malwarebytes capable of detecting keyloggers? Is Malwarebytes capable of detecting ransomware? Is Malwarebytes capable of detecting all viruses?

While Malwarebytes Premium contains many of the features necessary to combat common malware, its detection rates pale in comparison to those of other premium antiviruses.

Real-time protection isn’t the finest money can buy, and we can’t disregard the instances of high resource use that occur often. While there is much to be said, we will limit ourselves to a few instances that tend to crop up frequently:

Why does Malwarebytes use so much processing power? Is Malwarebytes capable of causing problems? What is causing Malwarebytes to take so long? Is Malwarebytes memory intensive?

If you’re having difficulties running Malwarebytes because of a memory limitation, try this handy troubleshooting guide. Let’s take a look at who does what now.

What is the difference between Malwarebytes and antivirus software?

Things were simpler and more basic not long ago. Traditional antivirus software dealt with common viruses and relied on a viral signature database that needed to be updated on a regular basis, while anti-malware software focused on more complex, emerging threats.

Vendors were obliged to respond as malware became more polymorphic and sophisticated. As a result, their goods became increasingly complicated, with features that often overlapped.

Antiviruses with integrated VPN capabilities, for example, are becoming more prevalent, just as VPNs with virus-blocking technologies are becoming more common. NordVPN’s CyberSec technology is an excellent example.

Antivirus and anti-malware software are no exception. While their primary objectives remain distinct, many of their features are becoming more similar as contemporary anti-virus software incorporates more malware-blocking processes and tactics, progressively moving away from the traditional virus definition-based paradigm.

Malwarebytes Premium, in an attempt to recover traction, focuses on modern technologies to eliminate the feared zero-day vulnerabilities, vowing to put antivirus software out of business.

While we applaud advancement, we feel that certain tools are superior than others for particular jobs. It’s not that we’re afraid of change or of upsetting the status quo; it’s simply a conclusion based on personal experience with both.

Is it necessary for me to have another antivirus in addition to Malwarebytes?

We all know that running two security applications at the same time is not a good idea. We just do not believe it.

In our opinion, each piece of software has a certain job to perform, and both antivirus and anti-malware programs should focus on what they do best so that you may get the most out of their collaboration.

That’s all we’ve got to say about it! The major issue isn’t whether to use Malwarebytes as an antivirus or anti-malware tool, but rather which antivirus to use alongside Malwarebytes.

Is it possible to use Malwarebytes with another antivirus?

You may and should do so, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Malwarebytes is created and engineered to work with antivirus software without interfering with its functionality. As a result, it is compatible with the majority of important cybersecurity programs. Nonetheless, there is a catch.

It’s vital to remember that this smooth coexistence only applies to the malware scanner if you choose to run both (Malwarebytes Free). Malwarebytes’ real-time protection, on the other hand, may and will cause software conflicts when used in conjunction with another antivirus.

Fix-Firefox-error-ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key TIP

What antivirus program should I use in conjunction with Malwarebytes? You’ll be happy to learn that most major antivirus companies provide adaptable solutions that can operate in tandem with third-party products to achieve a shared goal: improved security.

Nonetheless, several particular characteristics determine the amount to which they participate in non-conflictual conjunction. Here’s how to make a Malwarebytes + main antivirus combination that’s hassle-free:

Activate real-time protection for a single app (We recommend you set your primary antivirus to run permanently in the background and only perform occasional malware scans with Malwarebytes). To enable simultaneous use, disable Malwarebytes as your default security software from the Windows Action Center. Make sure you’re running the most recent versions of both installed programs.

Malware scans vs. real-time security

So, let’s start with the first item that takes some thought: the tool you want to run indefinitely for real-time protection.

Needless to say, we highly advise you to maintain your primary antivirus on the lookout for prevention and proactive detection, and to remain with Malwarebytes for malware eradication.

In other words, if your PC isn’t already infected, doing manual Malwarebytes scans every now and again should enough.

Setup of software

If you use Malwarebytes Premium, you should be aware that it designates itself as your system’s default security application, prohibiting other antivirus programs from operating in the background.

You should deactivate this option if you want to use it in conjunction with another antivirus. Don’t worry, it’s simple!

  1. All you have to do is start Malwarebytes and go to the Settings tab.
  2. Change to the Security tab, which is located on the top horizontal bar.
  3. Look for the area titled Windows Security Center.
  4. Now, in the Windows Security Center, turn the button next to Always register Malwarebytes to off. 5-best-antivirus-to-use-with-Malwarebytes-conflict-free
  5. Finally, restart your computer, and you’re good to go!

the most recent versions

Regular updates are required to keep your applications up to date, completely functioning, and in perfect working order. You must run the most recent versions of both applications to effectively link Malwarebytes with the best antivirus to use with Malwarebytes.

While updates are vital, having the most recent version of the software you use is as crucial. With each new version, providers enhance their products by releasing security patches, new functionality, and virus definition updates, as well as addressing incompatibility concerns.

To prevent conflicting legacy settings and enhance your protection, make sure you update both your main antivirus and Malwarebytes to the most recent versions.


Which antivirus program is the most compatible with Malwarebytes?

  • Ransomware, spyware, adware, malware, and other threats are all protected by a multi-layered security system.
  • Network Inspector and Firewall
  • Tools with a strong emphasis on privacy (anti-phishing, banking and webcam protection)
  • Parental and device controls
  • Intrusion Prevention on the Host
  • The premium version lacks a built-in password manager and data encryption capabilities.

ESET Internet Security protects against all types of e-threats on a variety of devices and platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Android.

With better security, more privacy-focused features, and enough extras to please even the most demanding and tech-savvy users, the new version takes everything to the next level.


If award-winning protection is a good start, but you still want to be sure your system is protected from any possible threats lurking in the darkest corners of the Internet, you’ll probably want to run Malwarebytes in conjunction.

We’re not here to pass judgment. On the contrary, we’re here to inform you that you’ve just discovered the greatest antivirus to pair with Malwarebytes.

While antivirus software has a reputation for being overly cautious – and banning legitimate applications is not unheard of – ESET takes pride in its flagship version, which is especially intended to not meddle, intrude, or irritate you in any way.

This is one antivirus that you will install once and forget about, with discreet notifications that don’t bother you with permission requests and screen-monopolizing alarms, rapid response to threats that don’t need your interaction, and non-interference with other programs you operate.

Its top-rated antivirus engine combines powerful machine learning with cloud-based behavioral analysis, and the upgraded exploit blocker works in tandem with script-based threat defense to keep you safe online.

When it comes to scanning, the possibilities are nearly endless. Whatever you’re looking for, ESET Internet Security is sure to have it. Of course, you can conduct entire system scans, but you can also specify which files, folders, and individual things to examine with granular accuracy.


You may configure the scanning procedure to include anything from your system registry to your system RAM, UEFI interface, WMI files, and more.

Is it possible to scan when in idle mode or while downloading files? Is it better to scan now rather than later, or is it better to schedule scans for later? With this best antivirus to use with Malwarebytes, you won’t have any issues.

You are free to conduct Malwarebytes virus scans anytime you want for more peace of mind. While ESET’s real-time protection worked silently in the background, we had no trouble performing it.

Collaboration-friendly ESET is designed to provide unbreakable security without being overbearing in its presence.

As a result, because to its minimal system footprint, lightweight infrastructure, and seamless updates that are just a few MB in size, you will have no significant effect on your resources.

And did we mention its Gamer Mode, which ensures total and continuous immersion in your game by simply deferring all other activities?

Finally, the SysInspector program may be used to diagnose important information about all of your system components as well as address security and compatibility concerns.


ESET Internet Security is the best antivirus to use with Malwarebytes because of this alone.

  • Exceptional multi-layer protection against all cyber-threats
  • Tools for improving performance
  • For total anonymity, there’s a built-in VPN.
  • Protection for video and audio
  • Features such as anti-tracking, SafePay, and a firewall
  • On computers with earlier generation CPUs, performance is likely to suffer.

Bitdefender, the undisputed leader in cybersecurity, has dominated top rankings in both user preferences and recognized audit labs for years. Isn’t there a legitimate cause for the adoration? Yes, there is.

Of course, this well-known manufacturer offers a variety of plans, but the Total Security version is the pinnacle, with cutting-edge protection technologies that function across all platforms and devices and integrate well with third-party security solutions.

So we thought, why not go all out? We’ve been using this solution on many workstations in our workplace for over a year and haven’t been disappointed.

We understand your need to know whether it works well with Malwarebytes. Is it possible to use Bitdefender and Malwarebytes at the same time? Yes, and you can count on a smooth and productive partnership.

The latest edition,, enables for seamless concurrent use with other programs that serve the same goal, including Malwarebytes. Not to mention that both teams are quick to address incompatibility issues, ensuring that the risk of conflict is as minimal as possible.


It not only identifies threats with the greatest accuracy and prevents them quickly, but it also predicts prospective hazards in a proactive way, thanks to artificial intelligence and cloud-based new technologies.

Its security includes zero-day exploits, ransomware assaults, antispam, online threats prevention and advanced defense, firewall, and antispam, among other things.


Privacy is also not overlooked, with a whole dashboard devoted to security, including microphone and camera protection, a password manager, a private VPN and anti-tracker tool for safe surfing, Safepay banking mode, and extensive parental controls.


Last but not least, there is a separate Utilities panel whose major goal is to improve the performance of your system.

The dual nature of this best antivirus to use with Malwarebytes accounts for its peculiarity. When it comes to e-threats, it’s merciless, yet it’s gentle on your system.

In fact, Bitdefender Internet Security has consistently ranked first in both top-rated protection and lowest performance effect.

As if minimum resource utilization and uncompromised speed weren’t enough, you’ll also receive a complete array of optimization-focused tools to help you maximize your responsiveness.


The OneClick Optimizer will boost your overall performance, while the Profiles function will alter alerts based on the mode you set to each profile, enabling you to play, stream, or work uninterrupted.

Both patented Bitdefender technologies, Autopilot and Photon, will take care of the security setup that is exactly suited for your hardware and software configuration, allowing you to conserve even more computer resources.

  • Malicious link detection and a custom-built Hardened Browser
  • Network exploit protection and a two-way firewall
  • Antivirus and anti-malware security in three layers
  • Privacy-focused suite with a large number of features
  • Integrated remote administration and a comprehensive dashboard
  • The amount of encrypted communication that may be sent each day is limited to 300 megabytes.

Our search for the best antivirus to pair with Malwarebytes would be incomplete without including Kaspersky, another well-known cybersecurity company with a slew of accolades to its credit.

Is it possible to use Kaspersky and Malwarebytes at the same time? You wanted to know, so we put it to the test for you, and the findings were satisfactory.


Kaspersky is designed to defend you with minimal lag and interference, so it will scan off your devices to save you time and resources.

You may rely on impenetrable security against any threats, as well as Do Not Disturb mode, while just going about your regular routine.

What applies to you also applies to your CPU and any running programs, including Malwarebytes.

To keep you safe, Kaspersky Internet Security uses cutting-edge technology, such as its full-scale three-layer engine, which detects, predicts, and blocks, or quarantines and rapidly neutralizes any threat from malware, cryptolockers, network vulnerabilities, and more.

You’ll never have to worry about hackers again with real-time security that includes an automated Trojan remover and rapid threat detection that protects your data, device, and network from attacks.

Whatever fraud or scheme comes your way, whether it’s adware, ransomware, keyloggers, or other sorts of sophisticated malware, due to a 2-way firewall and dedicated secure payment mode, your home network is ready to react and shut off cyber crooks.

End-to-end high-tech, this top antivirus for Malwarebytes also ensures that your personal life stays private.

Kaspersky Internet Security leaves nothing to chance and maximizes security and secrecy with an integrated VPN, camera protection, encrypted browser for payments, anti-phishing, anti-keylogger, and adware-removal tools.

  • To keep an eye on your network traffic, use a smart firewall.
  • Automatic and secure cloud backup of up to 50GB
  • VPN with no records and privacy monitor
  • Malware and ransomware defense based on artificial intelligence
  • Windows PCs are the only ones with backup capabilities.

Norton is the next character in our narrative. The 360 Deluxe package provides just the appropriate number of security and privacy-focused solutions to keep your digital life safe.

Let’s check whether it’s a good match for your anti-malware scanning before we go any further. Is Malwarebytes compatible with Norton Antivirus?

We’re happy to report that it does. Both are cross-platform compatible, meaning they may coexist on any device, from Windows to Mac to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.



This best antivirus to use with Malwarebytes combines AI and powerful machine learning to produce a near-impenetrable barrier against viruses, spyware, ransomware, and malware ranging from simple bugs to complex polymorphic threats that are emerging today or may develop in the future.

Its extensive real-time online threat protection is complemented by an equally amazing set of privacy-focused technologies that protect your identity, sensitive data, and financial information each time you switch on your device.

What better tool to ensure privacy than your own personal privacy monitor? This one-of-a-kind tool will monitor public sites for any personal information that may be posted, giving you greater control over these facts.

Needless to say, the Internet is not a very welcoming environment. You, we, and Norton all know it, which is why they incorporated a Dark Web Monitor to keep a watch on any possible data breaches that may reach the digital underworld.


For the same reason, advanced AV parental controls are included, allowing you to keep a watch on your children both offline and online. Cross-platform compatibility has previously been addressed, but we can’t think of a greater use for this feature than good parenting.

If you opt to use this top antivirus with Malwarebytes on your PC, you will be able to extend its protection to mobile devices as well, allowing you to keep track of your children’s locations using the GPS location function available on both Android and iOS.

Without a VPN, no privacy suite would be complete, and you might argue we saved the best for last.

Norton 360 Deluxe also includes a secure no-logs VPN that not only allows for anonymous surfing but also encrypts your data to keep it hidden from prying eyes.



The VPN functions as a guardian against theft, extortion, and scams when combined with the built-in password manager, which enables you to create strong codes and store them, along with other critical credentials such as banking data and more, in a safe online vault.


  • Protection for multiple devices
  • Encrypted storage, a password manager, and a shredder
  • Antivirus technology that has won awards
  • Tools for protecting your home network
  • There is no option for a free trial (refund guarantee only).

After extensive testing, McAfee completes the inner circle and makes it to our selection of selected ones.

As far as we’re concerned, reputation isn’t enough, so we had to check for ourselves if McAfee and Malwarebytes were genuinely a match made in heaven or whether their partnership was doomed to fail.

So here we go. Is it safe to run McAfee and Malwarebytes simultaneously? You asked, we tried, and we’re sticking to our general advice: if you’re running Malwarebytes alongside a major antivirus, turn on real-time protection on just one of the programs.

We were able to use both premium security products in tandem, although it took some filtering and settings adjusting to allow for the essential updates for each package, and the risk of conflict remains.

However, we had no issues running McAfee Total Protection and Malwarebutes’ malware-scanner together, and the findings were rather impressive.

You also wanted to know whether McAfee and Malwarebytes are required. It’s just as important as any other antivirus solution that can handle a wide range of threats, not simply malware.

Installing a comprehensive internet security package that includes everything you need to keep secure online is always a smart idea.

McAfee Total Protection provides excellent malware and other online threat protection, and its award-winning defense is especially adept at proactive, early detection, and infestation prevention.

This is one security system that prioritizes prevention above restoration, and we can’t get enough of it.


It includes a plethora of advanced security tools, including optimization modules, a built-in password manager and shredder, a secure VPN with increased safe browsing capabilities, encrypted data storage, and a Home Network Security feature that monitors your traffic and prevents network-based exploits, in addition to its top-rated antivirus engine.


The Identity Protection Service, which is incorporated in all McAfee products, is one especially intriguing feature that attracted our eye.

This service, like Norton’s Dark Web Monitoring, analyzes the dark web for data breaches, with an emphasis on personal information like email addresses and passwords, and assists you in quickly resolving any data/identity theft or confidentiality violation.

This best antivirus to use with Malwarebytes, in their own words, delivers multi-faceted privacy protection that does not slow you down.

You have some serious equipment to depend on when it comes to performance optimization, with automatic tools that detect resource-hogging apps and processes and keep them in control so bandwidth can be used for more vital operations.

Runners at the bottom

There have been additional antiviruses that have shown their capabilities in addition to the ones that made the list following our rigorous testing procedure.

Despite the fact that they are unlikely to win an award for the best antivirus to use with Malwarebytes any time soon, they might still be viable solutions to consider.

F-Secure is a security company based in the United States.

Award-winning internet security that doesn’t let you down when it comes to speed or performance? It’s now a reality due to F-Secure SAFE, an all-in-one security suite that protects your browsing and banking demands while also ensuring a bug-free digital experience.

It’s a great antivirus with a gaming mode that also integrates nicely with third-party applications like Malwarebytes.

Avira Free Security for Windows is a free antivirus program.

Are you perplexed by the fact that we recommend a free antivirus? Don’t worry, we can’t help ourselves as long as anything is worthy of praise. But give it a go and let the premium protection and privacy features do the talking. After all, you don’t stand to lose anything, do you?

Avira is something we use on a regular basis, and it works well with third-party virus scanners. As a result, we have no reservations in recommending it as the finest antivirus to pair with Malwarebytes.

Microsoft Defender is a security program developed by Microsoft.

Finally, the good old Microsoft Defender will do the work, allowing you to utilize Malwarebytes as a malware-removal tool or, with the premium edition, as a comprehensive protection package.

All you have to do now is make the appropriate configuration selections. As a result, make sure you let them both operate in parallel without interfering or overriding each other.

Is Malwarebytes sufficient as an antivirus program? While having a strong malware removal tool is crucial, we feel that a main antivirus with multi-layer protection cannot be overlooked.

If you want complete security, you can’t go wrong with a well-balanced, well-rounded mix of the two.

1639642758_884_Best-antivirus-without-automatic-renewal-for-A-transparencyNow is the time to secure your computer!

Don’t leave your computer vulnerable! Get one of the top antivirus programs on the market and surf the web without fear! ESET Antivirus includes all of the security features you’ll ever need to keep your data and privacy safe, such as:

  • Webcam security
  • Support for several platforms
  • System requirements are minimal.
  • Anti-malware protection that is second to none

So, what’s next? All that’s left for you to do now is choose the finest antivirus to pair with Malwarebytes and experience a software partnership that works for you rather than against you.

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The “best free antivirus 2021” is a term that refers to an antivirus program that does not conflict with Malwarebytes. These are the 5 best free antivirus programs to use with Malwarebytes.

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What Antivirus works well with Malwarebytes?

A: I have been using Malwarebytes for over a year now, and it doesnt seem to cause any problems. Currently Im running Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system on an HP Pavilion desktop computer with 8 GB of RAM.

Can you use Malwarebytes with another antivirus?

A: No, Malwarebytes is only compatible with Windows and will not work in conjunction with other antivirus programs.

Can you run Malwarebytes and antivirus at the same time?

A: Yes, you can run both Malwarebytes and antivirus on the same computer.

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